Starter SEO: The 3 pillars of positioning

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Key concepts

Understanding SEO beyond the Google algorithm is key to your business. Learn how we must work and foundations to keep in mind to appear in major search engines.

What you will learn

The course is designed so that as a student you obtain the minimum knowledge to get started in the world of SEO. From here, you’ll have the tools to speak and understand you with a service provider positioning or even embark on the road to bring forward a project SEO tools.

Course Description

SEO evolves every day. And that means work it constantly. For this reason, have minimal knowledge about what is right and what is not necessary for those who want to start in the world of SEO. And, for all those working in the online sector because, sooner or later they will end up talking to a responsible SEO.

Throughout the course, the necessary basis will be presented to understand everything that surrounds the world of SEO, which sometimes seems that there are more shadows than light. Lighten SEO level!

Course syllabus

  • OnPage Optimization: The basics you need to know to have a website optimized for search engines.
  • Content: Discover everything you need to consider quality content to generate or analyze you already have.
  • Authority: Quality content authority needs to have a better positioning. Discover what to consider and how to analyze your current authority or control the evolution.

Who is it aimed for?

Those professionals who want to enter the world of SEO, either because they want to start the workforce in the sector, or because they need the skills to manage internal or external teams, with the necessary foundation to argue and understand what to do.

Recommanded Level

This course is basic, so it is enough to have basic knowledge in the field.


This is a course that takes masterclass format, but it will take as examples the student real and close cases.


It is recommended that students attend this course computer to better track the session.

Intensive SEO class

This course is part of the SEO Program Initiation of SEOCOM. We recommend you take a look at the entire program (3 sessions) if you are interested in another of his courses.