Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing, or SEM, is a method of ranking through paid ads on the leading online search engines.

As an agency specialised on performances, all of our PPC/SEM strategies share one goal: to maximise your ivestment to improve your ROAS or CPA.

How we do it?



Strategic planning:

We define the appropriate strategy based on the targets of each client in order to maximise its investments.


Channels and platforms:

We advise our clients on which channels are the most appropriate to promote their brand, the products or services.


Keyword research:

We look for the keywords that can help improve a project.


Campaign structure:

We capitalise campaigns based on each keyword so that ads can be as relevant as possible and obtain the highest quality score.


Ads proposal:

We aim to prepare a relevant ad for each keyword, but we also validate them with clients so to make sure they are in line with the brand language.



We optimise campaigns to reduce cost per click (CPC) and to improve CTR and all of our clients’ KPIs.



Once we have analysed the results, we use Data Studio to help our clients understand what they have achieved and suggest how to further improve.




Ads in image format focused on brand awareness, web traffic and conversions (leads or sales).

Google Shopping

Google Shopping

Ads for products focused on the sale and return on investment in the Google search engine.

Social Ads

Social Ads

Images, videos or product ads on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter.

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