Amazon Marketing

Amazon Marketing

Marketing in Amazon consists of positioning your products in the search results with the ultimate goal of increasing your sales within the platform. 

As a specialist, we achieve this goal through organic positioning (Amazon SEO), or payment campaigns (Amazon Advertising).

How do we do it?

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Product analysis:

We carry out a study to thoroughly know your product.


Strategy definition:

As experts, we design and define the optimal strategy in a personalized way for each client.


Keyword Research:

We find the keywords that users use to search your product, adding value to the project.


Analysis of the competition:

We analyze which are the main competitors and the strategies they carry out.


Strategy implementation:

We develop the strategy previously defined.



We optimize your campaigns and product pages, intending to increase.



We analyze the results and develop your report.

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Amazon Advertising

Amazon Advertising

Paid traffic on Amazon.

Amazon SEO

Amazon SEO

We increase your sales optimizing your products.

Improve your web positioning

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