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Improve the ranking of your APP

What is ASO?

ASO literally means App Store Optimization, which means ranking applications in the mobile marketplaces (which includes apps on Google Play and the Apple Store). ASO is a comprehensive strategy that helps achieve greater application visibility, improving rankings for key keywords to obtain a greater user conversion. The main outcome of doing ASO, is the increase of the number of organic downloads for our mobile apps.

Why should you do ASO?

Major international companies currently have an App to boost their own businesses. But it is not enough to launch the application on the market.

In 2018, we already had a total of 2.1 million apps on Google Play and 2 million apps on the App Store. The best way to stand out amongst this large number of applications is to develop an effective ASO strategy and, it is necessary to count on the experience and vision of a professional & trustworthy team.

“We are aware of all new innovations in the mobile sector, so that the client only needs to focus on developing its product and its brand”

What do you want to achieve with your application?

At SEOCOM, we help you out to achieve your goals with your application, either advising you throughout the process of launching it or performing an in-depth analysis of the market where you already launched your App.

Do you want to opearate in the Android or iOS market? Maybe both? No problem, with our strategies, we will help you grow in the platform you prefer.

We have experience in domestic and international markets, your company must only decide which markets it wishes to target, and we'll take care of the rest.

Do not wait to conquer the mobile marketplaces. With our advices, you are one step closer to creating a great brand.

Discover our ASO Strategies

ASO projects are divided into 2 main phases:

ASO audit

In this first phase, we study and analyze in-depth the already launched (or soon to be) application. We create a detailed report including a trend analysis, competition benchmark, on and off-metadata factors, UX and other improvements.

Execution and monthly follow-up of ASO

In this second phase, all changes defined during the audit are applied and the changes implemented are measured. To achieve this, monthly reports are created with the overall status of the application and its rankings, suggestions to improve the app and how to deal with detected errors, either during the process or using tools that both Apple and Google give us at our disposal.

At all times, you will be aware of the actions taken and the impact they generate in your application and its results.

“At all times, you will be aware of the actions taken and the impact they generate in your application and its results.”

Implement your ASO strategy now

Day after day users are more comfortable accessing services and buying products from a mobile App instead of the web and big brands are aware of that situation.

Based on the current market trends, it is crucial to have an application that, besides being functional, has a neat design. It's as important to develop & launch an application as to accompany it with a marketing strategy to promote it.

Do not be the last to apply an effective ASO strategy. Contact us and we will help you to stand out in the apps market.

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