UGC creators: what are they and what differentiates them from influencers

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A study conducted by Harris Interactive says that 90% of consumers make purchasing decisions based on other experiences and opinions.

In today’s digital age, content creation has become a powerful form of expression and communication. Among the various types of creators that have emerged, UGC (User-Generated Content) creators are gaining more strength every year. In this article, I tell you what UGC creators are, how they differ from traditional influencers and why they have become essential in brands’ communication strategies.

UGC creators: definition

UGCs generate content in an active and participatory way, using digital platforms to share their experiences, opinions and skills. Unlike traditional influencers, whose main function is to influence their followers by promoting products or services, UGCs focus on authenticity and genuine connection with their audiences.

The key of the UGC creator

These creators don’t follow rigid scripts or simply promote products directly. Instead, they share their real experiences, honest opinions, and authentic moments. This authenticity resonates deeply with modern audiences, who value transparency and honesty in a world saturated with advertising. In addition, this contributes to improving SEO since it is content generated by a user and is not sponsored.

It should be noted that it also helps brands since they will not have to invest time or money in continually generating content on their platforms.

Difrerences between UGC and influencers

Although often used interchangeably, UGC creators and traditional influencers have significant differences in their approach, style, and relationship with their followers.

Origin of content

While influencers typically receive compensation for promoting products or services, UGC Creators create content more organically, driven by their passion and personal experiences. This distinction draws a clear line between traditional advertising and user-generated content.

Relationship with the audience

UGC creators tend to build more authentic and long-lasting relationships with their followers. The foundation of their connection is established in mutual trust, as followers value the integrity of the creator. On the other hand, influencers may face challenges maintaining that authenticity when tied to multiple sponsorship deals.

Variety of content

UGC Creators have the freedom to explore a wide range of content topics and formats. From product reviews to personal stories and tutorials, their diversity contributes to a richer consumer experience. In comparison, influencers may be limited in the variety of content they can produce due to the restrictions of their business partnerships.

The importance of UGC creators in communication strategies

The rise of UGC Creators is not simply a passing trend; represents a fundamental change in the dynamics of digital communication and marketing. Below, we will explore the reasons behind the increasing importance of UGC Creators in brands’ communication strategies.

Authenticity that resonates

In a world saturated with advertising content, the authenticity of UGC Creators stands out as a beacon for audiences. The emotional connection created through genuine personal experiences surpasses the typical transactional relationship between influencers and their followers.

Content Diversification

The versatility of UGC creators allows brands to diversify their content strategies. From honest reviews to captivating narratives, the range of possibilities is wide. This diversification not only maintains audience interest but also establishes a stronger presence across various platforms and formats.

User participation

UGC creators inspire their followers to actively participate in content creation. Whether through challenges, collaborations or simply sharing your own experiences, this participation reinforces the community around the brand and strengthens consumer loyalty.

Impact on consumer decision making

The influence of UGC Creators goes beyond simply promoting products. Their opinions and recommendations have a significant impact on their followers’ purchasing decisions. Trust built over time translates into a deeper influence on consumer decision-making.

The future of content creation

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, UGC Creators have emerged as key players in the content creation narrative. Their authentic approach, the diversity of their creations, and genuine connection with their audience set them apart from traditional influencers. As brands and consumers seek more authentic experiences, the presence and influence of UGC Creators is only destined to grow.

In short, UGC Creators not only represent a current trend, but are also shaping the future of digital communication. Their ability to build meaningful relationships, the authenticity of their content, and their impact on consumer decisions make them critical players in the ever-evolving digital world. Instead of simply following trends, brands must recognize and embrace the transformative power of UGC Creators in their communication strategies to stay relevant and connected in the changing digital landscape.

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