"If you want to go fast, walk alone, if you want to go far, walk with SEOCOM"


We are a dynamic, flexible and challenging agency in which you will enjoy and learn every day, but not only on a technical and project, but also on a personal and professional level, surrounded by a team with real values. We are committed to initiative, passion, creativity and the desire to be better every day in an entertaining, collaborative and close work environment.

How we apply our values ​​as an agency


Aware and responsable for the agreed agreements, either personally or as part of a team, being able to protect what has been agreed with clients, projects, results, colleagues, agency and with ourselves.


It is a fundamental value, because when we are honest, we are trustworthy, acting correctly, consistently and transparently, in accordance with our values ​​and those of the company, evidenced in our thinking, saying, acting and learning.


We love and enjoy what we do, trying to be the best version of ourselves, feeding ourselves daily with enthusiasm and new challenges, far from fear and comfort.


It is our engine of innovation. Everything can be improved with will and resilience, evolving and learning as individuals and as a team. Being better every day allows us to achieve more distant and enriching goals.


Happy Family: It is our union value. We do not work independently, but together. Our objetive is to grow as a company and as people, and what better than to do it with a team of happy, integrated and happyl people who enjoy being part of the same community and each other's successes. We train, we support each other and, best of all, we have fun together doing what we like the most.


The best thing about SEOCOM is being surrounded by young and talented team mate who are always willing to help you in a very fun, collaborative, good vibes environment, where you have a great time, learn and grow a lot. It is an agency that values your work, promotes autonomy and encourages a lot of freedom and flexibility in all areas of things.

Núria PonsPaid Media Consultant

After turning my life around, I came to the agency, and from the beginning it has been constant learning, each project is a new challenge and one of the differential values it has is the way the team comes together, with their opinions and divergences, to work under the same prism in favor of the objectives of the team and the agency. The best moments are when we all come together, tune in and connect.

Alex HidalgaSEO Consultant

Working at SEOCOM.Agency is working on what I like, The SEO, in an agency that allows you to iterate whenever necessary to improve, with a diverse, young and familiar environment, with constant challenges that allow you to grow and be better professional.

Mariona SolerSEO Consultant

Learning, fun and constant challenges, are for me the 3 words that most represent what it means to work at SEOCOM, in addition to feeling part of a great family in a very good work environment that is built together, mobilized with values such as self-improvement , which is particularly the one that identifies me the most, always seeking to live up to the customer's demands.

Nicolás de SousaPaid Media Specialist


Fun and passion for work Team building and afterworks Continuous training Flexibility and balance with personal life We are Google Partner Premier Hybrid work day Funny and inspiring workspaces Community members The Social Hub Weeks of 100% remote work, so you can work from wherever you want Gym and pool with access 24/7 We give you the day of your birthday Smiles and joys that fill us with energy

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