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A web project is a business. For this reason, before working on SEO, we must study the business, as well as the industry and the competition, in order to assess the project's potential from an SEO perspective. Thanks to this, we can set realistic objectives and develop a strategy that allows us to achieve them.

Obviously, the more keywords and the better ranks we achieve, the higher the organic traffic will be. However, having more traffic does not always mean that it's good traffic. That's why we should always try to understand what is the real user intent behind the query (the keyword) that our target audience is searching for in a search engine in order to generate valuable content to help them meet their need and, at the same time, achieve the project's objectives. It's, at the end of the day, the main reason why a project want to optimize its search engine visibility.

Currently, the main search engine we develop SEO strategies for is Google, but we must not forget That there are other search engines, for example Bing for the US and Latin America markets, Baidu for the Chinese market or Yandex for the Russian market. It is even possible to optimize our visibility on vertical search engines like Youtube, Amazon or TripAdvisor.

How do we define a SEO strategy?

Business analysis

To propose a successful SEO strategy, we must know your business, project and sector. Therefore, at the beginning of any SEO project, we always study the following details:

  • Unerstand the Business as a whole
  • Project Analysis
  • Competitor analysis (online and offline)
  • SERP analysis
  • keyword Research
  • Customer Journey definition for the perfect customer.

Technical SEO Analysis

It is also important to know the starting point for your SEO project. For that reason, we conduct an exhaustive study of:

  • Organic traffic analysis and other sources
  • Review of possible SEO penalties
  • Log analysis
  • Web architecture and internal linking analysis
  • Review of all elements that may have an impact on the global SEO results
  • Backlinks profile analysis
  • WPO study.

SEO strategy definition

With all the information gathered from the above two points, we are able to assess the SEO potential of your project in order to define a proper SEO strategy that fits perfectly with both your online marketing strategy and other actions you might carry out in other medias, always seeking the highest return on investment for your project.

SEO strategy Implementation

In this phase we will focus on the implementation of what has been defined in the previous steps, optimizing and measuring every action implemented.

The focus will always be on creating growth through innovative strategies focused on content (Content Marketing), which along with the technical implementations defined and the authority improvment through linkbuilding techniques, will allow us to achieve your SEO objectives.

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