Web Analytics

In today’s world, Web Analytics is a key pillar of the digital business. If you want to improve your business and make the right business decisions, it’s essential to monitor and analyse your users’ behaviour and the effectiveness of your website with quality data.

How do we do it?

Business analysis

Knowing your business is fundamental in order to carry out good analysis and have the right idea of what your growth target should be.

Technical analysis

We prepare a technical audit on the implementation of tools such as Google Analytics and Tag Manager to check the quality of the data that you’re tracking.

Measurement strategy

Once the technical audit is done, we focus our measurement strategy on the most relevant goals of your business.


Once the strategy is ready, the next step is the implementation of planned improvements and changes to the configuration of tools such as Google Analytics and Tag Manager.

Data display

The most efficient way to get quick insights and have a complete view of your results is by visual monitoring through dashboards offered by tools such as Data Studio.

Optimisation (CRO)

After the changes have been implemented and some data has been collected, we analyse both the quantity and the quality of results to look for new opportunities of optimisation.



We analyze the web performance focused to optimize the business results.

Data visualization

Provide reading and data visualization through the development of interactive reports

Measurement Strategy

Measurement strategy focused on optimizing business objectives.

Technical Audit

Analysis of the measurement tools to check the quality of the data.

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