Ultimate Guide to Create a Sales Funnel in Google Ads

Ultimate Guide to Create a Sales Funnel in Google Ads

The sales funnel represents the customer’s journey from brand awareness through the consideration stage, and finally, decision making. The funnel is segmented into three main stages:

Top of the Funnel (ToFu) or Top of the Funnel: In this first part of the funnel, users are in the phase of recognizing their need or problem.

Middle of the Funnel (MoFu): In this second part, potential customers are evaluating a solution for their problems or needs, so they are in a consideration phase.

Bottom of the Funnel (BoFu) or Bottom of the Funnel: In the last part of the funnel, potential customers are very close to making the purchase decision, so we could say that they are in a decision phase.

How do we use Google Ads to create a Full Funnel or Sales Funnel strategy?

The variety of Google Ads products allows us to create and optimize an effective sales funnel strategy allowing businesses to reach their audience at every stage of the customer journey, from the awareness phase, through consideration to the purchase decision.

Guía Definitiva para crear un Embudo de Ventas en Google Ads

Top of the Funnel (ToFu) or Top of the Funnel with Google Ads

This is where your potential customers’ journey begins.

The goal is to inform, educate and entertain, to ultimately leave a memorable first impression of your brand and product or service.

Google Ads has several types of campaigns designed to launch a strategy dedicated mainly to capturing the attention of those users in the brand awareness phase.

YouTube Ads:

If you want users to know your brand and your product or service, video is king.

The importance of video lies in its ability to capture attention and convey messages quickly and effectively.

Google Ads offers video views for just one cent, so with a limited budget you can generate a lot of impact.

YouTube Ads:

Display Campaign:

Display campaigns allow you to reach a wide audience with your ads from millions of websites through visual, dynamic ads with impactful messages. Display Ads allow static, interactive images or responsive ads, so this campaign format is perfect for planting the seed of your brand in the minds of users.

Demand Gen or Demand Generation:

The goal of Demand Gen campaigns is to generate demand. Unlike campaigns focused on conversion or lead capture, this campaign is dedicated to educating and informing target audiences about how their problems can be solved or their needs met.

Demand Gen campaigns use a combination of different formats such as YouTube, Display, Discover, Search or Gmail.

Middle of the Funnel (MoFu) or Middle Part of the Funnel with Google Ads

The objective of the Middle of the Funnel (MoFu), or the middle part of the sales funnel, is to continue nurturing potential customers who are aware of their problem or need and have shown interest in your brand and product or service.

Google Ads has different campaign formats designed to launch a strategy dedicated mainly to attracting traffic from qualified users, that is, those users who we know are interested in our brand or proposed solution.

In this phase of the funnel we must develop remarketing audiences according to the business objectives and ensure that they are being appropriately impacted.

Search campaigns:

Search campaigns are highly effective as they focus on users who are evaluating their options. Using keywords that encompass terms such as features or models of products or services can nurture potential customers. Detailed product pages, comparison articles or case studies help us convince about the value of our product or service.

Shopping Ads:

For e-commerce, Google Shopping ads allow you to present your products directly, offering detailed information and prices, helping users compare them.

YouTube Ads, Display and Demand Gen:

The Display, Video, and Demand Generation ads we mentioned in the TOFU are also useful for delivering user content that addresses the issues of your target audience. Think how-to guides, webinars, product comparisons and testimonials. These formats are great for telling stories, making complex information more digestible and engaging.

Max Performance:

Performance Max uses the entire Google ecosystem, from Search to YouTube, to optimally distribute ads using Google’s artificial intelligence. This automated and unified format ensures that your content reaches qualified users at the right time, facilitating their transition from consideration through lead generation to the purchase decision.

Bottom of the Funnel (BoFu) or Bottom of the Funnel with Google Ads:

The goal of the Bottom of the Funnel (BoFu) or the lower part of the sales funnel is to provide that last push towards the purchase. In this phase, potential customers have been well informed and have considered their options, they are now close to making a purchasing decision.

Google Ads campaigns are key to the last phase of the funnel. Through a personalized strategy, you must ensure that your brand messages reach potential customers at the optimal moment in their decision process, just when they are ready to take a purchasing action.

Remarketing audiences are essential for any campaign format since this way we ensure that we once again impact those qualified users who have shown previous interest, ensuring that the brand, product or service remains in consideration at the critical moment of decision.

Search campaigns:

By targeting search ads to users with purchase intent via specific keywords, we ensure that ads appear right when users are actively searching for products or services. You should consider adding audiences and remarketing and offering appropriate content in both your ads and the landing page.

Max Performance:

In this phase of the funnel, Performance Max uses AI to impact ads towards users with the highest inclination to buy. These campaigns adapt to user intentions and can tailor advertising content to highlight key features, offers, promotions, and the importance of acting soon. Therefore, they guarantee that your message impacts the most relevant potential clients at the right time.

Shopping Ads:

This format displays products directly in the search results, along with images, prices and reviews, therefore making the final purchasing decision easier. By adding the most important details that consumers look for when making purchasing decisions, such as cost and quality, the purchasing process is simplified, increasing the conversion rate.


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Guía Definitiva para crear un Embudo de Ventas en Google Ads