Content Marketing

Optimized content is the integrated text on a web page that finds answers to questions or information required by the user. Its main goal consists in capturing quality organic traffic. In addition, it also helps to create brand presence and increase the site’s visibility.

How do we do it?

Target definition

Our content’s target audience should be determined beforehand.

Establish goals

They should be measurable and achievable.

Keyword Research

It’s an indispensable action to learn how users search on Google and to develop a SEO strategy based on the most appropriate keywords.

SERP and competition analysis

To find out what kind of content the competitors are generating and the main pages that appear on Google’s first positions.

Editorial calendar preparation

We find the appropriate keywords in line with the strategy. We choose topics by analyzing trends and prioritizing our target’s interests. Finally, we study the keywords’ seasonality and, according to the results, we establish guidelines and an optimum publication date.

Content writing

Content SEO review

Publication and indexation


We prepare reports and measure results to evaluate the strategy.

Beat your competition