SEO positioning for SMEs and not as SMEs

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Key concepts

ARE ONLY large companies can have a good level of SEO? This course belies this topic presenting ways for any company knows what and how to improve your SEO.

What you will learn

You will learn how to analyze a website and how to avoid any blockage in your search engine indexing.

Course Description

“Discover guidelines that allow you to improve the SEO of your pages level from purely onsite elements. From basic elements such as headers or goals, to elements linked to monitoring, such as creating Dashboards in Google Analytics and following issues loading web pages … And everything, so you can find points for improvement and, with or without technical expertise, know how to modify within your page to optimize your SEO level.

Disclaimer: This is not a course in which you go into issues of usability or conversion but rather on SEO and WPO part.”

Course syllabus

  1. Initial situation analysis (where I am, how is the competition and hope to get)
    • What should I know about my initial situation
    • How we scored goals
  2. Accessibility
    • Sitemap sights, Robots.txt, Goals, …
  3. Navigability and Architecture
    • Architecture and structuring web pages
  4. Indexibility
    • Possible crashes site, how to solve them
  5. Structuring URLs
    • Different alternatives depending on the structure / architecture of each page
  6. Optimized content
    • Minimum content level elements that should be our
    • ¿KW Density? Or user interest?
  7. WPO
    • Introduction
    • What elements should have our web
    • Analysis tools

Who is it aimed for?

Any professional whose acquisition business depends on a website.

Recommanded Level

It is an intermediate level course, so students should have basic knowledge of the online world.


This course takes masterclass format, but includes a participatory exercise to better understand the concepts presented.


It is recommended that students attend this course computer to better track the session.

Intensive SEO class

This course is part of the Intensive Program OnPage SEO of SEOCOM. We recommend you take a look at the entire program if you must do it in full or if you want to also subscribe to some other of their courses.