SEO Offpage II

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Key concepts

Fully enters the SEO link building strategies Offpage learning, discovering what is Link Baiting, what options we have to get links to specific actions and knowing the role of social networks in the SEO Offpage.

What you will learn

You will deepen in SEO Offpage from a strategic point of view and considering real examples.

You will learn how social networks can influence the SEO Offpage.

Course description

Come to SEO case studies Offpage seeing linkbuilding strategies that will provide ideas and resources for your projects, checking how does the Link Baiting and observed how social networks affect positioning. And to make progress in each of these aspects, the course will include live demonstrations projects using tools that suggest students.

It is advisable to have attended the course SEO Offpage I to better understand the content of this session.

Course syllabus

  • Linkbuilding strategies
  • Practical examples of success
  • link Baiting
  • Practical examples of Link Baiting
  • Social networks

Who is it aimed for?

Both professional SEOs who work for an agency or self-employed, as future professionals training stage. And for those who have a business and want to boost your organic positioning or have these clear concepts to define a strategy.

Recommanded Level

This course is basic, so to realize it enough to have basic knowledge in the field.


This is a course that takes masterclass format, but it will take as examples the student real and close cases.


It is recommended that students attend this course computer to better track the session.

Intensive SEO class

This course is part of SEO OFFPAGE of SEOCOM Intensive Program. We recommend you take a look at the entire program if you must do it full or if you want to also subscribe to some other of their courses.