SEO management projects

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Key concepts

Every day there are more factors involved in SEO. How to face them all? Discover in this course how to effectively manage an SEO project and, according to their characteristics, how to determine the metrics that we use.

What you will learn

  • The keys to determine how to measure the SEO actions
  • The key to effectively manage a project.

Course description

SEO is a channel that every day is more and more complicated … The reason? Increasingly factors involved when doing a good job. So we want through this course, explain the keys to determine how to measure the SEO actions and the keys to effectively manage a project, either in terms of customer relations or the equipment itself.

Course syllabus

  • What is SEO?
  • Everybody needs a SEO project?
  • Why invest in SEO?
  • Planning an SEO strategy
  • Project management based on their SEO strategy
  • Which departments and elements involved in managing an SEO project?
  • SEO conversion vs other channels
  • Measurement – Tools
  • Conclusions.

Who is it aimed for?

Both SEO professionals working for an agency or self-employed, as future professionals training stage. And for those who have a business and want to boost your organic positioning or have these clear concepts to define a strategy.

Recommanded Level

The level of this course is intermediate-advanced and requires prior knowledge on the subject. It is especially useful if you have made programs Introduction to SEO, SEO OnPage SEO and OFFPAGE.


This is a course that takes masterclass format, but it will take as examples the student real and close cases.


It is recommended that students attend this course computer to better track the session.