Content Marketing from the point of view SEO

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Key concepts

Position on search engines is not just a matter of OnPage level to meet technical requirements. it is also essential to address a content strategy that meets the needs and preferences of your target audience. How to do it? The answer you will give this course.

What you will learn

  • You will learn to create a strategy for SEO Content Marketing
  • You know identify demand for your target audience to provide a content that exactly meets your needs and you will position on search engines outperforming the competition.

Course Description

“To position on search engines, as well as the technical requirements OnPage level, it is also essential to focus on content strategy that meets the needs of the target audience. In fact, the same Google in its “”Guide to search engine optimization”” writes: Create interesting and useful content will likely influence what’s your website all the factors discussed here.

Therefore, to understand how to address the contents of your website, taking into account the keywords with more demand than you positioned in search engines, you need to know very well the Content Marketing, analyze each of the processes involved and adjust strategy based on the results obtained. And all this knowledge, I will give this course.”

Course syllabus

  • What is content marketing
  • Creating a Content Marketing strategy for SEO
  • The types of viral content that naturally attract backlinks
  • The tools needed to help you throughout the process
  • How to analyze the effectiveness of the strategy and the fulfillment of the objectives set
  • Will also provide an introduction to the Inbound Marketing as a strategy to attract users through the content.

Who is it aimed for?

This course is aimed at professionals of online marketing, copywriter and bloggers who write content but do not know how to approach SEO. It is also aimed at entrepreneurs who have a website and do not know how to position her in search engines.

Recommanded Level

This course is basic, so to realize it enough to have basic knowledge in the field.


This is a course that takes masterclass format, but it will take as examples the student real and close cases.


It is recommended that students attend this course computer to better track the session.

Intensive SEO class

This course is part of the SEOde SEOCOM Initiation Program. We recommend you take a look at the entire program (3 sessions) if you’re interested make any other course.


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