Social Ads

Images, videos or product ads on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter.

Why is Social Ads necessary?

Social Ads allow you to reach almost all users around the world with the advertising format that suits your target customers, be it an image, product or video.

The possibilities of segmentation that social networks allow, make them perfect to focus only on those audiences related to the service or product you want to promote.

Social Ads are activated by audiences, so we can reach only those who are in our target. They also allow us to create remarketing audiences that, together with more focused ads for conversion, help us work at the bottom of the funnel and achieve our advertising goals.

At SEOCOM we can manage the advertising in your social networks, so you can successfully grow your business.

How do we perform this service?

Choice of social network

Material available analysis

Recommendations about material available

New material creation

Campaign strategy definition

Campaign creation on a chosen platform

Campaigns optimization according to performance


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