SEM Success Story

Macnificos is an ecommerce focused on Apple products. They sell apple products but also offer technical assistance in order to upgrade devices.

Inside an ultra-competitive market field with very short profit margins and hiper-agressive sales, they contact SEOCOM in order to help optimize their paid campaigns.


The main goal was improve the revenue and ROAS in the Google Ads campaigns by a +20% comparing with previous season Black Friday.

A 180º change in the campaign setup was needed in order to adapt to the incoming Black Friday sale. 






Conversion Rate


Shopping and Search campaign reboot.

Use of Smart Shopping and Smart Display

Keyword optimization according to CTR´s and CPC´s.

Custom messages and ad extensions according to promotions.

Bid strategy optimization

Multi-channel strategy. Use of display remarketing


This campaign exceeded all the expectations. With an investment 17% lower than the previous year we achieved +72% revenue and +5600% ROAS

This campaign adjustments also had a positive impact on bounce rate and conversión rate.

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