Google Shopping

Ads for products focused on the sale and return on investment in the Google search engine.

Why is the Google shopping necessary?

Google Shopping allows you to advertise your entire product catalog in the first position of the Google search engine, guiding traffic directly to the product file.

It is a comparator of your products and your prices with the competitors, which forces all the e-commerce to be present in Google Shopping.

The ads are activated when user searches match the title of your products, because of that, totally qualitative traffic is generated with the intention of buying to your website.

In SEOCOM we are specialists in the creation and optimization of Google Shopping campaigns so we can help you to sell more getting the best return of your investment.

How do we perform this service?

Product Feed Creation

Product feed optimization including custom columns

Creating Shopping campaigns in Google Ads

Purchasing campaigns optimization according to performance

Using Smart Shopping campaigns

Beat your competition