Ads in image format focused on brand awareness, web traffic and conversions (leads or sales).

Why is the Display necessary?

Display ads allow you to reach 90% of internet users worldwide, with image ads or gif format.

With these types of ads, we can obtain brand awareness, by showing an attractive image, traffic to the website when the user clicks on the banner. And conversions when that user, once on the website, completes a business objective.

Display ads are paid for each click, which usually has a very low cost, so that we can get a lot of traffic with relatively low investment, and all the impressions that do not have click, do not generate cost either.

Google provides endless audiences to display the banners according to their purchase intentions, their interests, the websites they browse or even according to whether or not they have previously interacted with your own website (remarketing audiences).

En SEOCOM we are specialists in the creation and optimization of Display campaigns, also in the generation of banners to take your brand to the next level.

How do we perform this service?

Analysis of existing banners

Banner improvement recommendations

Creation of new banners (if necessary)

Display campaigns strategy (audiences, formats and CPC)

Display campaigns creation

Display campaign optimization according to performance

Using Smart Display campaigns

Beat your competition