Google buys access of Reddit. ¿Are we going to see more content from Reddit in Google?

Google compra acceso a Reddit. ¿Veremos todavía más contenido de Reddit en Google

If yesterday we were discussing a study on Reddit content in Google search results, the news we bring today further complements the notion that Google is opening its search engine to information created by users on other platforms.

Reddit would have earned around 60 million dollars per year from this agreement with Google.

On February 22nd, the announcement was made officially referred to as an “agreement” that will allow Google to access Reddit’s API.

In addition to all the training of Google’s Gemini family models, the official statement also mentions that Google is developing ways to make accessing information from Reddit even easier across all its products.

This obviously includes the Google search engine.

There’s another reason for this, and it’s that they explain they want to make participating in Reddit communities easier.

For Reddit, this move is fantastic, and with the imminent IPO, it explains the financial state and expansion plans of the company.

Another attempt to display real opinions in the Google search engine.

If we look back, this would be another step in Google’s journey to display real people’s opinions in the search engine from forums.

In 2022, modules called “Discussion and forums” began to appear, and last year Perspectives and the annotation system, which has already been discussed in some media, were introduced.


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