Google launches new structured product data. Product variations

Google lanza nuevos datos estructurados de producto. Las variaciones de producto

Product structured data, already one of the most comprehensive types of structured data, is set to receive new fields that we can leverage to better communicate information about our products to Google.

Structured data is fundamental for online businesses such as e-commerce. If you’re seeking information on how to do SEO for E-commerce, sooner or later you’ll encounter product structured data.

Product variations are the main focus of this update.

Until now, Google only supported structured data for individual products, shipping, and returns.

The new feature allows us to create a “Parent/Child” structure among product variants, enabling a more comprehensive representation of product offerings.

ProductGroup is the field you'll need to manage.

To implement the new markup, websites need to use the ProductGroup type from along with specific properties like hasVariant, variesBy, and productGroupID.

nuevos campos en el dato estructurado de producto

Implementing structured data correctly can lead to enhanced search listings, providing users with more accurate information and potentially improving click-through rates for e-commerce sites.

As we often say, having structured data doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll gain any extra visibility on Google Search or Google Shopping.

However, structured data is indeed the best way to communicate our information to search engines and browsers.

For the official specific documentation, you can refer to this link.

¿What advantages can its implementation bring to your business?

Although they may require some investment since technically you will need development to implement them, structured product data is particularly interesting because:

1. It improves the user experience from the Google search engine by offering a lot of information to the potential buyer about that product.
2. It enhances the visibility of your product. Usually, if Google decides to show these enriched results and your competition does not have this structured data, your result will have much more “space” and visibility in the search results.
3. For really complex product inventories, such as industrial materials, it can be a breakthrough, as being able to show the relationships and variants of products will make your inventory much more comprehensible to Google.