Youtube Ads

Ads in Youtube video format

Why is Youtube Ads necessary?

Due to the penetration of Youtube in Spain (about 90% of Internet users), it has become essential to communicate with our target audience through this platform.

Thanks to the big quantity of audiences available, we can find countless users interested in our services or products and communicate with them in an individualized and segmented way.

By creating different kinds of ads, taking into account their duration or if users are able to skip them, we can set up different strategies depending on the user’s demographic characteristics, the time of the year, or the kind of product promoted, for instance.

Remarketing audiences are available on YouTube Ads. We can use this type of advertising to focus on branding (publicizing our brand or products), prospecting (interacting with different audiences to see how they react to our ad) or performance (to obtain conversions).

At SEOCOM, we are experts in these type of ads and we can help you reach your target customers in the most effective way. Whatever your products are or the services you offer.

How do we perform this service?

Video Analysis

Video Recommendations

Audience selection

Campaign upload

Campaign maintenance and optimization

Changes in the strategy according to performance

Reporting of results

Beat your competition