SEO Architecture

A good web architecture will make sure to turn your ranking strategy into a success, especially on large websites.

Why is the SEO Architecture necessary?

One of the main aspects of Google positioning is, too often, the most ignored: our website architecture.

It is essential to work and structure optimally the site architecture to optimize the pages tracking by the search engines. Furthermore, it is important to prioritize correctly the different sections and to facilitate the understanding of all information, both to Google and to users. This is particularly relevant in large sites with thousands or hundreds of thousands of URLs.

As much as we optimize other elements, bad web architecture is always a huge liability. In SEOCOM we know that and, it is a cornerstone on which we build each project.

How do we perform this service?

Web content analysis

Keyword search

Customer journey study

Hierarchy URL by levels

Structure’s planning

Usability analysis

Keyword assignment

Define internal linked

Beat your competition