Google Penalties

Avoid disappearing from search results because of a penalty.

Why is the Google Penalties necessary?

Sometimes, bad practices can lead to a Google penalty, which usually ends up with an important decrease of the projects’ online visibility in search engine results. Currently, there are two kinds of penalties: algorithmical and manual.

Algorithmical penalties usually appear after a Google update while manual penalties, the most critical, happen after a manual review from a Google’s employee who considers that the site has infringed one of the main webmasters guidelines used by the company.

At SEOCOM, we detect possible penalties, we analyze their causes and we develop strategies to get out of this situation.

The main penalty causes specified by Google’s guidelines are the following ones: spammy external linking profile, provide plenty of plagiarized content, over optimize content and site hacking.

How do we perform this service?


Penalty detection

Causes identification

Strategy to get out of it

Beat your competition