Gallina Blanca

A SEO Success Story

Gallina Blanca is a spanish food company based in Barcelona currently owned by the holding group Agrolimen. A few years ago they reached out to SEOCOM because a huge drop in organic traffic. The reason: Two Google algorithm penalties, Panda and Penguin.

The company had good visibility numbers and the drop was dramatic.


The whole project was a challenge itself.
Two were the main goals:
Firstly we had to improve the website main quality to move away from the penalties.
Then we had to improve pre-penalties numbers. Many competitors were getting more traffic than Gallina Blanca.


Increase in organic traffic


Sistrix Visibility Index


TOP 3 Keywords


SEO Audit.

Duplicated content clean-up.

Backlink profile optimization.

New internal architecture.

New content strategy.

Internal coaching about Link Building best practices.


+190 % Organic traffic.

+413% Increase in Sistrix Visibility Index.

+214% Keywords in TOP 100.

+309% Keywords in TOP 3.

+203% Impressions.

+80% Click Through Rate.

Beat your competition