Amazon Advertising

Paid traffic on Amazon

Why is Amazon Advertising necessary?

Due to a large number of users looking for products on Amazon, either with the intention of buying or comparing prices, it becomes mandatory for any store that wants to sell their products online, to appear in the first positions for relevant searches.

Amazon Advertising is the paid traffic platform of Amazon, in which we can use different types of ads: as they appear as a headline, or in product search results, or depending on the segmentation we want to use (ASINs, keywords, product categories, etc.).

These ads give relevance to our products and bring us profitable sales, with which we will also improve our organic positions. As the CPC we want to pay as the budget of the campaigns is totally adjustable, we can optimize the investment to maximize its return.

At SEOCOM we have experience managing Amazon Advertising campaigns for different types of products and store sizes, so we will surely be able to help you to sell your products on Amazon.

How do we perform this service?

Amazon Keyword Research

Competition Analysis

Campaign structure design and creation

Campaigns optimization according to performance


Beat your competition