What is a Lead Magnet and what is it for?

At SEOCOM we like to start at the beginning, so I will start by giving a definition of Lead Magnet that I think is quite accurate and to the point: “A Lead Magnet is a free and quality content that you offer, in exchange for the personal data of the person who has visited your shop or website”.

It’s that clear and simple. The Lead Magnet is the magnet that attracts the eyes of your potential customers, and probably what drives them, finally, to carry out the action you want them to do.

Let’s suppose we are info producers, and we are dedicated to animals, especially canine education. We have several courses on our website, and we want to promote them. Our Lead Magnet, that magnet that hooks the audience we want to attract, could be to give away another smaller course of less value with the purchase of the large course we want to sell, or even a personalized mentoring to all those who buy the course in the first 24 hours, if we have the time to do so, of course.

4 Formulas to create a valuable Lead Magnet + examples

There are a series of proven formulas to develop a Lead Magnet of value and powerful enough to allow us to obtain the result we are looking for. To do this, there are 4 types of questions that we can ask ourselves and try to solve in order to design a valuable Lead Magnet.

How to achieve your greatest desire without the greatest inconvenience

The idea is to present the product or service by highlighting the major benefit and downplaying the major drawback of not achieving that benefit.

Example: “Find out how to get your dog off the lead without damaging your bond with him and causing him stress”.

X unusual steps to achieve your greatest desire

In this case, we present our product or service using the formula of the steps that lead to the greatest desire of our potential ideal customer.

Example: “The 5 key steps to mastering the inverted yoga handstand”.

How to achieve your greatest desire in the shortest possible time and the shortest common time

This formula is based on the importance of the time factor when we want to achieve or acquire something. However, playing with time can be very effective (it influences the urgency of the action), we must be careful how we use it because if we go too far, the lead magnet will no longer be credible (typical example, lose 10 kilos in a week, or learn English in just 1 month).

Example: “We tell you step by step how to make your skin glow and moisturize in less than two weeks”.

How I have achieved your greatest desire in less time

It is based on the same principle as the previous one, only that we are basing it on the experience of the person who is promoting their products or services.

Example: “I’ll tell you first-hand about my system for generating more than 20 new clients in a week for a physiotherapy and osteopathy clinic”.

How do I know if my Lead Magnet is good or not?

To create a Lead Magnet and to know if it is of quality or not, we can look at a series of parameters.

The title

What attracts the most attention, whether it is an image or the title of the Lead Magnet itself. If a Lead Magnet is not eye-catching, in any way, it is worthless.


We must focus on a very specific problem and want to provide a solution to that type of customer who suffers from that problem or wants to solve a certain situation. The more specific we are, the more attention we will attract with our Lead Magnet.

Immediate delivery

Very similar to the previous one. If we can’t deliver what we are offering until after 20, 30 minutes… The effect is not nearly the same. We return to the same topic with time, it is a determining factor in many ways for your Lead Magnet to succeed or not.

Rapid consumption

If in our Lead Magnet we offer something that, however incredible and good it is, is going to take 15 or 20 minutes for our ideal client to consume it, the positive impact diminishes almost 100%.

Real and profound

We must ensure that the sensation our ideal client has when he/she discovers our Lead Magnet is a deep, impacting sensation, and that he/she feels it as something real, that is really happening to him/her.

It is true that it is a sensation, as it may not yet be a material sensation. But it is the effect that a good lead magnet should create from the outset.

It is also important that what you offer is not what everyone else is offering, as this will increase our potential customer’s feeling that what we offer is really special, and that he/she will not be able to get it anywhere else.

Change your mood

In other words, the person (ideal client) who reads our Lead Magnet must feel that what we are offering them is of a value that they really know and value as such. It would be like trying to provoke our potential client, when he sees our Lead Magnet, to say Wow!


The Call To Action is also important. That is, how we tell our ideal client what to do to get what we are offering, what he wants. That which makes our ideal client click the button to go ahead and get what we are offering.

This is as far as we can read about lead magnets. We hope that it is clear what it means, how to create a valuable Lead Magnet, and that the Lead Magnet ideas we give you will help you to think of a few that are great. We read proposals to those who dare to propose one!