A study warns about the impact of Google SGE on the travel sector.

Un estudio alerta sobre el impacto de Google SGE en el sector travel

A recent study by Peak Ace, a German agency, has delved into the impact of the Google SGE search engine on the travel industry.

The study is small, it’s true, having analyzed only 852 keywords related to the hotel sector, such as “hotel near me” or “cheap hotels in Panama City Beach.” However, it is very recent, from January 2024, and focused on desktop. Could it be that what they’ve analyzed doesn’t even represent 1% of what we might see in the future? Yes, that’s true.

Nevertheless, we consider it a good study to get an idea of the direction things are heading.

We have discussed the impact that SGE will have on organic search and even on the SEO profession in other posts that I will link to.

Many sectors are already predicting a loss of clicks due to the zero-click searches that this technology will accumulate. In the travel sector (trips, hotels, etc.), it seems we are heading in the same direction.

Here are the main conclusions:

– The results where you can generate a response through SGE were 94%. However, they do not appear by default; for now, you have to press the “Generate” button to see them.

– The domains most frequently linked in the SGE results are TripAdvisor,, and These brands seem to have the most presence in the SGE results. It could be an indicator of solid E-E-A-T.

– The domains that usually rank in the Top 3 in “normal” Google search do not have a guaranteed position in the Top 3 in SGE results.

Google’s local pack tends to be the central content element in most of the analyzed results. It can include up to 5 list-type items, whereas in regular Google search, it only includes 3.

The results analyzed in the study indicate that SGE is a highly visual tool, at least in this type of search when brands are included. This is another hint at a trend that has been emerging recently: the end of keyword SEO and the beginning of brand SEO.

In informational queries, smaller competitors still seem to play a significant role, mainly in review-type content and niche content.

What does SGE mean for the travel and hotel industry?

Although we are not fortune tellers, we can venture the following, seeing what this study has exposed:

– Probably this sector and others may need to opt for SGE strategies to identify potential risks of click losses.

– It cannot be said louder or clearer. EEAT, expertise in a subject or sector, seems to be fundamental and hand in hand, links and mentions will become crucial.