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Analyze and measure user behavior is crucial to grow and improve your business

Web analytics' main objective is to be able to analyze and measure user behavior on your website in order to answer crucial questions such as: Are our marketing campaigns profitable? Am I meeting my business goals? How can we improve?

Nowadays, web analytics can't be optional for a digital business: it has to be an asset and one of the central pillars within the digital strategy of the business.

Taking decisions based on intuition is not an option, we must have real data in order to analyze them and thus improve the business.

We align your business's goals with your Analytics tool
Web Analytics

We are experts in applied digital analytics

We develop measurement plans to fit your business' needs.

We transform collected data into useful and high-quality insights to help you in your business decision-making process.

We believe that data quality is key to take the right decisions for your business.

We use a strong methodology to help you measure and analyze the traffic and the conversion of your online business.

Our metholody includes three key steps:

We must understand the business

When we start a digital analytics project, we must understand the business in order to gather useful data that allow us to make the right decisions based on the project's needs.

Through this Business Analytics audit, we will determine if you are already collecting the correct data properly before starting the definition of the measurement strategy.

Keep in mind that we will define a measurement strategy based on the business context, to gather the data necessary for correct decision making.

Digital Analytics set-up

Configure the web analytics tool based on the measurment plan is crucial for the correct measurement of the actions taken by your users.

At this point, we develop a document containing the relevant technical implementation that we must carry out. How? Through a serie of instructions to be implemented by your technical team. Of course, a validation process, carried out by SEOCOM, is included in our methodology.

At any time, you will be aware of the actions defined and implemented, along with the impact they will generate in your business. If you do not count with a technical team that can take care of the deployment, our technical team can help you.

Actions (monthly maintenance)

With the measurement plan implemented and analytical tools collecting data, we'll move on with the data analysis to create dashboards and automatized customized reports that allow us to obtain the insights that our project needs.

“Get relevant and quality data to take better decisions in your business”

See our Online Digital Analytics plan for your business

With our methodology, we align your online business goals with your measurement plan through relevant KPIs. By doing so, we offer a comprehensive and detailed overview of how your different marketing channels are performing.

A digital measurement strategy should be tailored to your business needs. For this reason, we must understand your project's needs along with skateholders, to answer important questions for yourself and your business.

Through constant feedback, the analytical team is always available to help solve any queries regarding your measurement plan.

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