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Attracting traffic and visibility

Our goal is clear: To attract quality traffic, improve visibility and your website indexing in Google.

Why Google?

At a global level Google is "the search engine". With more than 64% of the global searches and more than 91% of the UK searches, if your aim is an English or spanish speaking market, Google is the search engine of choice.

Is it important to be on the first positions at Google search results?

It could be the difference between a project that makes sales or one that doesn't. But be careful, the important thing is not to be on the top positions for any criteria. Choosing keywords that provide SALES is essential. Is useless to attract visitors that don't convert or to have keywords on the top positions if they don't report quality visits to the website.

The difficulty of the position is not to get the position itself, is choosing keywords that turn into sales. The SEO audit is the first step in any popularity campaign and it defines where the niche market is.

In the same way, you should not be obsessed about the position of one or ten keywords, because it is possible that the sale of your business is best for long tail keywords(3 to 6 words) and may represent about the 80% of the traffic in a website with a lot of information.

Search Engine Optimization Process

Search engine optimization is an integral part of an online marketing plan and should not be understood as an isolated activity otherwise it is doomed to failure. The website positioning strategy definition is unique for each case. This is because the market, the competitors, the strengths and weakness of the company are also unique for each case.


  • KPI SEO. Website objectives (online sales, leads, customer calls, page views/ads…). Visits should never be an objective as such.
  • Market: Web positioning based on geographic preferences, language preferences or seasonal preferences…
  • Keyword research: Website criteria-study based on customer experience, search traffic volume, PPC conversions, benchmark keyword research.
  • Website optimization: You can not run if you still can´t walk. If your website is not optimized for search engines it is much more difficult to obtain results, and in some markets it's even impossible.
  • SEO Strategy: Your search engine optimization strategy has to take into account some factors (project age, have you ever done SEO?, resources, budget,…)
  • Resources: To know what resources you count on may allow you to focus better on your strategy. There's never a single solution to a problem and to know your strengths will allow you to take the right path.
  • Monitoring, analysis and correction: Search engine optimization is constantly changing and you cannot have a strategy that goes beyond 4 or 5 months. Analysis of results and modifications as the market and the algorithm change must be constantly executed.

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